Fun Christmas Party Games for Kids

It’s time for the annual Christmas party in your child’s classroom! According to the National Education Association, these Christmas parties are among one of the most popular celebrations among kids aged 3-8.

There is no better way to make this event unforgettable than by using a Christmas game and fun activities that will get everyone talking about it long after they’ve gone home for break; read below for some fun game ideas that you can use at your next school holiday celebration:

Fun Christmas Games for Kids:

– Holiday Themed Scavenger Hunt: A Christmas scavenger hunt is a great way to get all the kids moving and exploring the classroom. Divide the children into two or more groups, with each group having different items on their list of Christmas-themed items to find. The kids will have so much fun looking for Christmas items. Check out the Dollar Store for cute trinkets to hide. These could include Santa hats, candy canes, small toys, jingle bells, mistletoe kisses (mini Hershey’s kisses), Christmas books, Candy Cane, Christmas ornaments, and so on.

– Hershey Mitten Game: Another fun Christmas game is to divide the kids into two teams. Provide a pair of mittens and then have each child on their team try unwrapping Hershey kisses as fast as they can! The first team to have all players unwrap and eat their Hershey kiss is the winner.

– Unwrap the Christmas Ball: Another really fun Christmas party game for kids includes wrapping up trinkets and candy with plastic wrap to create a large snowball style ball. Pass the ball around the circle, making sure each person gets their own little piece as they unwrap it; all sorts of different goodies might come tumbling out!

-Mini Marshmallow Reindeer Run – The race is on! A fun way to to liven up the Christmas party is to divide the kids into teams and see who can balance the mini marshmallows on their plastic spoon going from one end of the classroom and back, all while avoiding being hit by other players.

Decorating the Classroom:

Another fun idea to get kids into the holiday spirit is to decorate the classroom. Hang Christmas lights, play Christmas songs, decorate a Christmas tree, make snowflakes out of construction paper, and add red and green balloons to the walls.

For snacks, have the kids decorate Christmas cookies. Also, provide some healthy options, like cheese, crackers, beef sticks, and grapes.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or just looking for some good family fun this holiday season, these Christmas games and activities are sure to provide a few hours of super fun entertainment. With so many ideas at your fingertips, there’s no excuse not to have the best school holiday celebration ever! We hope that your holiday party is full of love and laughter.