Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Get to know Ruth Bader Ginsburg aka: “RBG.” She’s the U.S. Supreme Court justice who never shied away from expressing her opinion. Though she was destined to become an important part of judicial history, in school she enjoyed many hobbies. She played the cello, was a baton twirler, and a member of the honor society. She met her husband in college when she was only 17. They were married for 56 years until she passed away in 2020. Ruth and her husband, Marty, were best friends and their marriage was modern for the time. Marty was incredibly supportive of Ruth’s law career and they shared many household chores. Marty even cooked dinner every night.

RBG’s iconic look includes the jeweled jabots or collars she wore over her judicial robes. These collars are not just a fashion choice. They carry a deeper meaning. Ruth was the second female justice appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Along with Sandra Day O’Connor, the first female on the bench, the women realized that their robes were designed for men. They allowed men to show off their shirts and neckties. The ladies wanted to add some style to their robes as well so they began wearing collars. Justice Ginsburg took it a step further. She would wear a different collar depending on whether or not she agreed with the majority opinion of the court’s ruling. Talk about a fashion statement!

Perhaps her most famous jabot is her DISSENT collar. DISSENT means you disagree with the majority opinion. Justice Ginsburg boldly and unapologetically wore her DISSENT collar to signal her beliefs to the world. She was never afraid to speak her mind or DISSENT when she felt something was not right. She expressed herself both in her clothing choices and in writing her dissenting opinion on many Supreme Court cases. RBG was able to strongly disagree with her fellow justices while remaining professional and respectful of their opinions.